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The Power Of Makeup

I love makeup! Well obviously, it would be weird to be in my profession and not have a love for the products and the craft itself right? My husband always says to me that he prefers when I wear less or better still no makeup at all. Although very flattered, I try and explain to him that i'm not wearing makeup for him or for anyone else, I'm wearing it for me.

I love everything there is to love about makeup and what it can do. I love how it can transform my tired, dehydrated face, to a more radiant, glowing awake face. I love how it can give confidence to someone who may have troubled skin or self esteem issues. I love the art of prosthetics and the fact that the artist can literally make someone look like a totally different person, and I just love putting it on. I find it soothing and relaxing (when I don't have my daughter trying to get in to all my products). I love to experiment with new products and new looks, and one of my favorite things is to compare what I looked like before and after the application. Having said all this, I also love and cherish my makeup free days, and letting my skin breath. I always make a point of asking my husband if he likes how I've done my makeup on those days.

Below are some photos of some brave faces, who allowed me to take before and after photos of their gorgeous faces, during one of our applications. Im posting them here, simply to illustrate the power of makeup. These woman are beautiful inside and out, with or without makeup.

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