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Frequently Asked Questions: 


Why should I hire a professional makeup artist?

A professional makeup artist like myself has been trained in all aspects of makeup application. Whether it is a romantic glowing look for a bride, an elegant or glamorous look for a special occasion, or adapting a look for a model. I am capable of designing a look based on your needs, style, face/eye shape, skin tone/texture and styling. I take into consideration what you are wearing, your setting and the lighting for any photographs being taken. I am capable of working to a tight schedule and presenting my expert opinion on what can often be an emotionally charged day.


How and when do I organise my makeup trial?

After securing your wedding date by paying your deposit, call or email me and we can book in your trial. I recommend having the trial 6-8 weeks before the wedding, as skin/hair conditions can change, as may your decisions on accessories and styles. In saying this, if you would prefer your trial done earlier than this, that is fine with me too.


What happens at the trial?

We will have a discussion about what kind of makeup look you would like for your wedding as well as general styling, and also go through skincare and skin prep in the lead up to your wedding day. Once we have discussed the look, I will apply some skincare based on your skin’s needs and then your full makeup look. Once I am happy with the application, I will show you the look and make any adjustments based on your feedback.

It is a good idea to lightly exfoliate your face the night before your trial, to ensure a more even application. I ask for all my clients to please come with a clean face, free of any makeup with the exception of moisturiser.

I encourage all of my brides to have a good think about how they want their makeup done prior to the trial. Please feel comfortable to bring along any photos or pictures with you for reference.


What makeup brands do you use?

I am not loyal to one particular brand of makeup. Being the makeup lover that I am, I like to try various products from all different makeup brands. I believe in using high quality products to ensure a flawless look. Brands that you are likely to see in my kit include MAC, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Natasha Denona, Nars, Urban Decay and many more.


Will I need to touch up my makeup?

Your foundation and eye makeup is applied in a way that will ensure maximum long lasting wear. It should last for hours without needing a touchup. If however your skin is prone to getting oily, I would recommend bringing with blotting papers and a compact powder. I always recommend having your own lipstick for retouching the lips. When it comes to bridal makeup, we will discuss the colour for your wedding day, leaving you ample time to buy touchup lipstick. With event makeup, I suggest bringing a few of your own lip products, and we can decide together which one to use. With every application, I will always prep your lips in away to maximize the wear of the lip product.


I’m not use to wearing heavy makeup, and would prefer a more natural look. Will I look overdone?

You are definitely not alone in feeing this way. A lot of my clients are not use to wearing a lot of makeup, however most of them choose to come to me for my natural and soft approach to making up faces. In my opinion, makeup should not be a mask, but more there to accentuate ones natural beauty. I will listen to your needs and wishes to adapt and design a look to suit exactly what you desire.


Do you provide a mobile makeup service?

Yes, the majority of my work is done through my mobile makeup service. Travel fees do apply so it is best to get in contact with me for a more detailed quote.


What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, credit card and electronic bank transfer. Please feel free to contact me for exact payment details.


For bookings, enquiries and price lists, email me or leave your details below.


Ph: 0435 207 820

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