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I recently had the pleasure of making up the very beautiful Yael. She was a dream to makeover, and her natural beauty made my job very easy.

Yael was going to a black-tie wedding and was wearing a beautiful floor length tailored cream gown. We wanted to juxtapose the beautiful gown with a more grungy style of makeup, so went with a smudged out plum toned smokey eye. Using these colours also enhanced the beautiful green colour in Yael's eyes.

I used a less traditional method for this smokey eye. Instead of doing the classic look where the inner portion of the eye is lighter and the outer section is darker, I went dark all around the lash line, top and bottom and then started smudging and smoking it out to a lighter shade the whole way round the eye.

Yael has beautiful skin already, so I kept the foundation very light and just added a touch of colour to the cheeks and outer perimeter of the face. We both agreed the eyes should be the main focus, so I left the lips very natural, using a lipstick and gloss very similar to Yael's natural lip colour.


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