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Skin & Bone Photo-shoot

Last week I took part by doing the makeup for an awesome photo-shoot at North Bondi Beach. The shoot was for the swimwear brand Skin & Bone, a creation by the up and coming and very talented, Sydney based designer Jade Ahcroft.

Jade desgins super chic swimwear with a purpose. Skin and Bone is "the lovechild of two people brought together by their appreciation of the sea, Skin And Bone is a collaboration of style and surf culture that celebrates the ocean, design, music and surfing.

The Pieces:

Inspired by the symbiotic contrast of the human forms simplicity and the unpredictability of the ocean, Skin And Bone’s signature designs focus on clean lines, inconspicuous branding and monochromatic textures.

Skin And Bone elevates women’s and men's swim and surfwear beyond the brightly-coloured, logo-heavy, boxy steamers and springsuits and instead offers understated, sophisticatedly sexy bespoke designs.

All of our designs have been personally tested for comfort, fit, and surfability and we hope that you enjoy wearing them as much as we love creating them."

You can check out the Skin & Bone on their different platforms listed below:

Instagram: _skinbone

Here are a couple of my favorite photos from the shoot and a couple of behind the scene pics. To check out the full album click here.

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